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Details machined on a CNC lathe are on t
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Piper Tools

Leading Manufacturer of Quality Machine Tool Accessories for over 70 Years


Piper Tools has been a manufacturer of machine tool accessories since 1937 and is credited with the development of one of the world’s first lathe live centres.

Piper now has a wide range of lathe centres, tapping chucks and cutting tools.

As a 100% Australian owned business, piper is committed to recruiting and training young engineers who can give an excellent mixture of experience and new technology.

Piper’s dedication to improve the productivity of their client’s machine tools has lead to the company achievements in releasing:

  • The ‘safetap’ reverse tapping chuck series. with four sizes in the range they can offer a capacity of tapping from 3mm to 35mm.

  • 9000 and 8000 series live centres especially designed for the CNC lathe

  • Spring loaded live centre

  • PL series which is a combined pipe centre /live centre

  • Continual development in the deburring and crosshole cutting tooling

Details machined on a CNC lathe are on t
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